10 Best Gifts for Female Entrepreneurs in 2022: Nourishing & Unique Ideas

Books to Nourish the Mind
+ Jewelry to Glow Up the Look

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2022 is coming to an end with a declining economy. However, female entrepreneurs nationwide are still striving and thriving in this challenging time, whether it is working multiple jobs to get extra side-hustle income or building a business to fulfill her vision. That’s the spirit of modern-day professional women: strong and resilient through it all.

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And our hard-working business women deserve the best gifts that nourish them inside and out. Being a female entrepreneur myself (Hi, this is the Eunoia Selects founder Genevieve writing this blog), I compiled this list of gift combinations that would fit our female entrepreneurs’ needs:

Knowledge (Books) + Confidence (Jewelry)  

This useful list is consist of book recommendations (& podcast) and bracelet jewelry to arm our boss ladies through different stages of their businesses:

    With these gifts in hand, you will impress your girl boss by showing her your thoughtful demeanor. Convey your support for her with this list of best gifts for female entrepreneurs this holiday season.

    Happy woman receiving gift

    For Someone Planning to Start a Business 

    Starting a business takes insurmountable courage for most women because they are trying something new that others may not dare. A strong mentality is required for the success of the business. Part of this mentality means letting go of other people’s opinion and focusing on yourself instead.

    Book Recommendation: The Courage to be Disliked by Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi 

    Book Cover: the Courage to be Disliked

    Why this book?

    This book will be of great enlightenment to your female entrepreneur friend because it radicalizes the way we approach social relations and how we see ourselves in the midst of it.

    The ideas presented in this book is based on the teachings of the notable psychotherapist, Alfred Adler, who founded Individual Psychology. In essence, the book is focused on how we can seclude ourselves from anxiety caused by social relations and how we can better manage our emotions. Although this book doesn’t directly teach you how to start a business, it does help build the mentality bedrock needed to persevere through the challenges of operating a business. That’s what will make your gift stand out, showing that you understand your friend's emotional needs. 

    Jewelry Recommendation: Good Luck Charm Bracelet

    The Nora Baroque Pearl Bracelets 

    Nora Bracelet

    (Click on the photo to find the product)

    The Selena Bracelet

    Selena Good Luck Bracelet

    (Click on the photo to find the product)

    Adding on to your thoughtful book gift is jewelry that convey your good-hearted wishes to your female entrepreneur: Good Luck Charm Bracelets 

    Meaningful jewelry with a message are outstanding gifts for someone who is about to start a new venture. Of course they’ve got the skills and knowledge, but luck is also a critical element to a business’s success. 

    The Nora Baroque Pearl Bracelets set features a tiny white pearl chain with “Lucky” engraved on it and a Tiffany’s inspired T-lock gold chain. Both chains can be purchased individually or together. This design is suitable for all ages because it’s both elegant and lovely.

    The Selena Bracelet features silver beads with a bright color smiley face charm and dangling charm that has “Good Luck” engraved. This style is also inspired by Tiffany’s classic silver bead chains. With this fun design, this bracelet is particularly popular for professional women under 35 years old.  

    For Someone Working on her Business 

    Once the business is established with moderate stability, your female entrepreneur friend will be looking for ways to structure her business. 

    Book Recommendation: Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

    Book cover for Business Model Generation

    Why this book?

    We propose this book for business women expand planning to expand her venture because it focuses on structuring business of various sizes. This book presents some of the most common business models with visual illustrations. This is helpful for someone whom has established her business and is looking to systematically automate and scale her business. 

    If your girl boss has ambitious goals, this is the book to help her get the ball rolling. 

    Jewelry Recommendation: Tennis Bracelets + Gold Link Chain Bracelets

    Milan Tennis Bracelet

    Milan Tennis Bracelet Faux Diamond

    (Click on the photo to find the product)

    Speaking of ambitiousness, gold color and diamond-like jewelry are often the symbols for success. In fact, keyword searches for “link chain bracelet” and “tennis bracelets” typically surges around the holiday season.

    Google Keyword Search Data for Tennis Bracelet Spiking
    Google Keyword Search Data for Link chain Bracelet Spiking

    Therefore, we present to you our in-house gold plated tennis bracelets. 

    Miley Tennis Bracelet

    Miley Tennis Bracelet Faux Diamond

    (Click on the photo to find the product)

    Both of the Milan and Miley Tennis Bracelets features faux diamond gem jewels that are made of high quality cubic zirconia, except that the Milan Bracelet has a larger stone size. Both bracelets yields a confident and charismatic impression for the wearer, they are dazzling designs made to empower business women. 

    Ada Gold Link Chain Bracelet

    Gold link chain bracelet with faux diamonds

    (Click on the photo to find the product)

    Leo Gold Link Chain Bracelet

    Gold link chain bracelet with faux diamonds

    (Click on the photo to find the product)

    Of course Gold Link Chains are cool, but Link Chains with gem jewels are even cooler. Both of our Ada and Leo link chain bracelets features sturdy and classy gold watch band, embellished with faux diamond cubic zirconia gem jewels. Gold color watch bracelets can particularly add on to the prominence of its possessor, making them great jewelry gifts for female entrepreneurs. 

    For Someone who needs Spiritual Support 

    Business venturing is typically a bumpy ride, almost never smooth sailing. If your girl boss is feeling a bit disheartened and needs some encouragement, here’s what you can gift her with. 

    Book & Podcast Recommendation: How I Built This with Guy Raz.

    Book Cover: How I Built This

    Why this Book/ Podcast?

    We do have a book list for this stage, but we think your female entrepreneur friend may not have the heart and energy to read now (coming from my own experience). What she needs now is the realization that she’s not alone on her journey.

    This long running podcast invites successful entrepreneur to talk about their journey. As you can imagine, it’s always full of road blocks. There are many heartfelt moments shared on this podcast that can help your friend navigate through the difficult situations and motivate her once again.

    This podcast is free to listen to on many platform like Apple podcasts. If you prefer a tangible gift, there is a book version. However, we find that listening to the podcast is more enjoyable. 

    Jewelry Recommendation: Emerald Green Gem Bracelets 

    Eve Emerald Green Bracelet

    (Click on the photo to find the product listing)

    The color green often connotes “soothing” and “healing”. Therefore, our emerald green bracelets are great gifts to help the boss lady get back on tracks.

    The Eve Emerald Green Bracelet is one of our most popular bracelets for its simple and graceful design. The gold plated Sterling 925 silver chain is accompanied by emerald green cubic zirconia in 3 different shapes: Oval, Square, and Heart. 

    Regardless of what gifts you pick for your girl boss, showing that you care and support them are the most empowering gift for them. If you'd like to purchase a jewelry from our store this season's holiday, we offer hand written messages for our orders. 

    We hope that we may be a part of your holiday moment, wishing you all a wonderful and blissful holiday of 2022 ❤️. 

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