How wear a Bracelet by yourself? 3 Simple Ways 😎

Easily wear your bracelet by yourself with 3 household tools:

safety pin, bobby pin, or tape. 

We have been there, all by ourselves. 

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I know, I am being a little tiny bit dramatic here. But hey, it's true. There are times when we have to wear a bracelet ALL BY OURSELVES. 

Fret no more, my darlings. Here are 3 solutions we can wear a bracelet without anyone's help. 

Watch this tutorial video to quickly learn 3 methods to wear a bracelet by yourself with easily accessible household objects: safety pin, bobby pin, or tape. 

Products in video: Eve Emerald Green Bracelets (A hot bestseller)

The idea here is to affix one end of the bracelet with a tool, such as a bobby pin, safety pin, or tape, so then you can enclose the bracelet easily. 

Viola, problem solved. Now let's stun the world with those beautiful wrist candies because you are a strong independent women who don't need no one 😎. 

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Speaking of wrist candies, we have quite a few dazzling designs for you. 

Vintage Inspired Collection 

The 'Eve' Emerald Green Bracelet is one of the most bestselling bracelets in our shop with many raving 5 stars review across our sales channels. This vintage inspired bracelet features dainty emerald green gem jewels on a gold chain, the stones are available in heart, square, and oval shapes. 

It is graceful and enchanting to look at, this bracelet is a popular choice among our clients to wear on special occasions.  

Classy Modern Collection 

The 'Ada' Classic Gold Watch Bracelet  is one of the many classy gold bracelets in our shop. This new collection is curated with the mindset of a strong independent working women. The bright gold chains paired with shining gem stones add on the wearer's fortitude in the modern working office environment.

The jewelry are the armors for the girl bosses striding thru the modern-day office environment to achieve a brighter future. 

Minimalist Chic Collection 

The 'Nora' Baroque Bracelet perfectly captures the thought behind the Minimalist Chic collection- effortlessly stylish. The gold chain and the pearls harmonizes perfectly to create a stunning art piece. 

We have even more bracelets that may fancy you, check out more of our designs here


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