Why do you need a Minimalist Jewelry Organizer in 2022? Because of these 5 Benefits

& why they are great gifts for our loved ones

The holiday season is coming up as we know it and it’s never too early to start planning for gift shopping. Jewelry is typically one of the most popular gift choices. However, what most people often neglect is the importance of jewelry care for the gift recipient. 

Jewelry care is important

    Here’s the scenario:
    You buy a beautiful necklace made of hypoallergenic Sterling 925 silver. The recipient loves it and wears it all the time, even in the shower. He or she doesn’t know that S925 silver will naturally undergo oxidation and starts to blacken (here’s an article on how to care for your jewelry). Eventually, the recipient disregards the necklace to the corner.

      Saddening, right? It happens to the best of us.

      If you are a jewelry collector, or about to curate your own jewelry collection, it is important for you to read this article for 5 reasons why a minimalist jewelry organizer will change your life for the better. 

      1. It will save you time and money 

      Long jewelry pieces like bracelets and necklaces are prone to tangles and knots. We have all been there, getting frustrated trying to detangle the knots of a necklace. If the necklace is properly laid inside a jewelry box, this can be avoided and saves us time. 
      Avoid tangles & knots with jewelry organizers
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      What’s worse than spending time detangling a necklace? Having to spend money to replace a lost necklace, or to replace a ring where the stones have fallen off. A jewelry box can help avoid this by safekeeping your gem jewels in the right place. 

      Holding all jewelry in one organizer

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      As the saying goes, “the fear of loss is greater than the desire for gain”. 

      With a jewelry box, there would be no more moments of “oh boy, where is the other earring? I’ve got to head out now!

        2. It doesn’t have to break the bank 

        We know there are options out there selling for $50s, $100 each for a jewelry organizer. Please do not frown yet, my dear. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a good quality jewelry box. 

        We are proud to present you our collection of jewelry boxes ranging from as low as $16 to $25. 

        Affordable jewelry organizers box under $20
        If you are concerned about the quality because of the low prices, we have accumulated 100+ 5🌟 reviews on Etsy. All reviews are verified by the official Etsy platform and our customers are very happy with their purchases.  

        3. Take better care

        Sure, jewelry hanger displays are also one way to organize your jewelry. In fact, they can make sleek-looking jewelry displays. 

        But leaving your jewelry out in the open air can accelerate the oxidation, not to mention letting dust accumulate on the jewelry pieces. Is this the best way to care for our jewelry? 

        Keep your jewelry shiny

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        In our opinion, it's better to cover up the jewelry in an enclosed modern jewelry organizer to minimize the chances of oxidation, particularly in a velvet-lined box. 

          4. Go everywhere with it 

          Having your jewelry in one place makes traveling so much easier (we’ve tried it). You can easily choose the items to wear because they are nicely laid out in front of you. 

          Easy travel minimalist jewelry case

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          There are a variety of jewelry box sizes that you can choose one, quite a few options are in small compact sizes and waterproof. Even with a small-size jewelry organizer, you can fit in a large amount of jewelry. Happy go travel!

              5. Peace of mind 

              Now imagine this, seeing your exquisite jewelry collection organized in a beautiful box. Doesn't it give you a sense of satisfaction? It’s almost as if life’s chaos has gotten slightly better. 

              How to organize large amount of jewelry

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              Precious as they are, our jewelry is statement pieces that help represent us in the crowd. Therefore, taking good care of our jewelry is a sign of us taking care of ourselves in the public eye. 

              I hope this article has successfully convinced you the benefits of owning a minimalist jewelry organizer, whether as gifts for your loved ones or as a gift for yourself. 

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