Meet Our Founder

Genevieve Cen

Genevieve is an entrepreneur devoted to help others successfully create extra income online. Genevieve started her eCommerce career in college reselling her used textbooks on Amazon.

In 2018, she started her first Etsy shop selling jewelries and fashion essentials, which accumulated over 4000+ sales & 1000+ 5 star reviews.

In 2022, she quit her corporate job to focus on her eCommerce career and now opened a physical flower shop in New York City.

In 2024, Genevieve began sharing her knowledge and resources on her YouTube channel. Subscribe to get her free tutorials and insights.

Genevieve's YouTube

Genevieve's Vision

Eunoia Selects is a brainchild Genevieve has since her college years in 2010s- a platform helping more girls like her to earn side income online.

Genevieve began her journey by helping her friends to create their own online shops. Seeing that her knowledge and experience are helping them achieve success, she wants to help even more people.

To fulfill her vision, Genevieve has patiently worked 10 years on Eunoia Selects as she accumulates social networks, resources, and experience.

Through this long journey, she is very touched that she is finally fulfilling her vision with Eunoia Selects and looks forward achieving higher success for us all.

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Genevieve's Philosophy

Since her young age, Genevieve is a firm believer in success is in our hands regardless of the status quo.

In fact, Genevieve is a challenger of the status quo and always finds a way to make her vision come true.

When she didn't have enough money to study abroad, she applied for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship to pay for the cost.

When faced with skeptism after joining the Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant, she devoted her best effort and was crowned the First Runner Up in 2019.

When she doesn't have any experience/ capital/ network for Eunoia Selects after graduating from college, she patiently work on the idea for 10 years.

Genevieve sees life as a playground, enjoying all the fun and even the hardships. She's a big advocate for girls to pursue after their dreams and live out the lives they've envisioned for themselves.

Life is a Playground, Enjoy it :)

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